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Accommodations and Meals

 The regular price includes accomodation in a double room. However, if we don't find another Polish Course participant to share a room with you, you will be given a double one. Of Polish Course you can request a single room at the very beggining, during registration. In both cases, there is a surcharge of 50 Euro.

We offer three accommodation options:

 Rooms in private flats or houses

     This is the most typical form of lodging for our Polish Course participants. The charge for accommodations in a double room is included in the Polish Course fee. You can also request a single room at a surcharge of 50 Euros.
     The rooms are rented out most frequently by people living on their own: students, professionals, retired people, sometimes also by families. In every case you will have access to the kitchen, which you are free to use to prepare your breakfasts and suppers.
     Your hosts may have some knowledge of English; they may also turn out to speak Polish only. Some of the Polish Course participants stay in touch with their "Polish families" after the Polish Course, exchange letters, e-mails or visit each other.
      This type of accommodation is not recommended for those who wish to have complete privacy during their stay as in most cases all the facilities (bathroom, kitchen) will be shared. But it is definitely the least expensive option.

 Separate flats

     We have a few flats fully at our disposal, which we offer solely to our Polish Course participants. If you wish to stay in a separate flat, there will be a surcharge of 150 Euros for the entire two weeks. If 2 or 3 Polish Course participants share a separate flat consisting of 2 or 3 rooms, the surcharge of 150 Euros will be split among them.

 Hotel/Hostel rooms

     We can also help you make a hotel reservation (in this case we charge the Polish Course fee without accommodation). Prices in Polish in Krakow start at about 12 Euros per night for a bed in a double room (you need a roommate for this option) or about 20 Euros per night for a single room in a student hostel. These rates apply if you book a room for 2 weeks. Prices for a single room in a modest hotel start at about 30 Euros per night.
      If you choose this option, please inform us about it as early as possible, since Polish in Krakow is popular with travellers, and it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable room at a reasonable price for a period longer than a few days. You can also make a reservation yourself using one of the following websites:

 Polish in Krakow Hotel
 Polish in
 Student Hostels/Hostels:
 Polish in
 Hostel "Deco"
 "Trzy Kafki" hostels
 Pensions/Boarding Houses:
 Polish in
 Leopolis GM

 Hotels "Regent", "Monopol", "Galicya", "Rezydent"
 Hotels "Novotel" and "Francuski"
 Hotel "Amadeus"
 Hotel "Chopin"
 Hotel "Demel" (near the school)
 Hotel "Saski"
 Hotel "Kazimierz"
If you are looking for a great selection of places to stay with discount prices, visit Polish in Krakow Hotel for more information.

     In private accommodations and separate flats (and also in some student hostels) you can make your own breakfast and supper. Inexpensive lunches are available at numerous small restaurants in the city centre, where you will probably be spending most of your spare time.

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