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Polish in Poland

Learning Polish in Poland

It has always been known that the best method of learning a foreign language is staying in its homeland. You can absorb everyday phrases, colloquialisms and proper pronunciation just by listening to people speaking their native language. Everywhere you go, even unconsciously. If you want to stay in Poland for some time, there’s no way you can avoid using Polish. In the end, at some point you’re going to meet someone who doesn’t speak English and will have to communicate.

Polish in Poland native speakers as teachers

If you search the Internet for top 10 most difficult languages in the world, Polish is going to appear in all of these rankings. It takes years to speak it fluently, especially if you don’t come from a slavic country. Therefore, the process of learning Polish has to be guided by a competent, experienced teacher. Explaining irregular conjugation cases, specific grammar structures or correct pronunciation is a demanding task and we believe only a native Polish speaker can do that. Our staff has experience in working with people of various cultural backgrounds and knows how to introduce Polish to someone who has never learnt it before.

Discovering Polish culture in Poland

There’s always a reason why people from abroad want to learn Polish. When thinking about what was the reason for you to become interested in it, what comes to your mind? Is it because you have a Polish family, Polish roots, a partner who comes from Poland or perhaps a new job connecting you to Poland? Any reason involves not only learning how to speak the language, but also how to understand Polish culture. And the only way to discover Polish culture is to stay in Poland and profit from cultural immersion.

Polish courses in Poland with accommodation

When visiting a foreign country it is easy to find accommodation in a hotel or private apartment using popular website services like Booking, Airbnb or Trivago. However, we want you to experience Polish culture from a local perspective and that’s why we organize our Polish courses with accommodation at local hosts..

Fascinating Polish culture and history

Besides teaching language skills, our Polish courses aim to introduce you to the unique atmosphere of Krakow and captivating history of Poland. During our summer courses you get an opportunity to discover Krakow during sightseeing, workshops and excursions. Our summer activities are a fantastic way to taste the cultural atmosphere of Poland.

Polish in Poland courses for foreigners

During recent year Poland has become an attractive destination for people who are moving abroad, especially looking for a job. Poland’s big cities like Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Krakow are attracting foreigners with broad job opportunities, safe public space and good balance between earnings and living costs. We offer Polish language courses for both visitors and those who want to stay here for a couple of years.