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Ten reasons to learn Polish with us

High quality  

1. With over 20 years of experience in organizing Polish language courses, we can guarantee the excellent quality of our program.      

2. We put a lot of attention to place participants in groups at uniform level of language proficiency. You will not find yourself in a class with much more advanced students, or get bored repeating the things you know perfectly.

3. Unlike many other language schools, we offer language courses in Polish to non-native speakers as our only field of instruction and area of expertise. This enables us to put all our skills and effort into perfecting our program of Polish language and culture, paying particular attention to the needs of international students who come to Krakow for only a few weeks.

4. We monitor the quality of our courses and of all their individual components in anonymous surveys  carried out at the end of each two-week session.

5. The results of these surveys confirm the superior quality of our program. We do not know of any other language school in Poland that regularly conducts such surveys and publishes all the results!

6. Many first-time participants have been so happy with the results that they have wanted to return to Krakow to learn Polish with us again. At present, some 20% of our enrollees are individuals returning for the second, third, or even fourth time to continue studying Polish with us. The record number of times so far is 8!

Competitive price

7. With over 20 years of experience in teaching Polish language courses, we know how to minimize costs without compromising the high standards of our courses.

8. We offer the lowest prices in Krakow. They include accomodation and most activities in the accompanying cultural program. Take a look at our price table.

Krakow - great location

9. Krakow is by far the most beautiful, culturally diverse, and vibrant city in Poland. It is simply not possible not to have a great time here.

10. Krakow is the only large city in Poland located close to the mountains. And a hiking tour in that beautiful countryside - included in the course fees - is just one of the activities included in our cultural program.

To sum up

It would not be easy to find a Polish language course that could beat us on any of these counts: number of groups/language levels, years of experience, degree of specialization, quality that is objectively confirmed, total cost, and natural beauty of location. And you will certainly not find any that can beat us on all of them.

So before you enroll in any other Polish language program:

  • Ask the organizer what the overall enrollment is and how many groups (language levels) they usually offer;
  • Compare the cost! (Be aware that many foreign-language schools list course fees and accommodation expenses separately. Add them together before you compare costs. Our basic price includes both course fees and accommodation);
  • Ask them how many years of experience they have in organizing language courses in Polish.

After you have done all this, we are certain you will find our program not only the most reasonable but also the most promising