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Polish semester course Krakow

We would like to invite all foreigners and expats to take part in our Polish semester course in Krakow. The course comprises 56 hours of Polish language and culture instruction, giving you the ability to practice speaking, grammar, writing and vocabulary with a native speaker. We offer the most competitive price in Krakow – only 850 PLN for one semester. The classes take part in the afternoon or evening, in a typical format of 90-minutes twice a week, so you can easily combine the Polish semester course with regular work or study hours.

Currently we are collecting registrations for beginners group and A1.2 level (with a little basic knowledge). Moreover, we offer the lowest prices in Krakow and the quality of our service can be assured by over 20 years of experience in providing language lessons. Since 1997 we have welcomed more than 6.000 people from all over the world and helped them to learn Polish and become fluent. International School of Polish Language and Culture in Krakow is an institution with vast experience.

Polish language semester course

During the Polish language semester course we also provide you with the assistance of our office. We will be more than happy to advise you with any matters concerning transport, social networking or events in Krakow. As a school with such long experience we put great attention to customer service and monitor the quality of service we deliver. The results are visible in the questionnaires that we hand out to participants after each course. Unlike many other schools, teaching Polish is our only area of expertise, which enables us to put all skills and efforts into perfecting our program. Our teachers are qualified and skilled lecturers with many years of experience in teaching Polish to foreigners.

They will be happy to assist you with any matters concerning language acquisition during the Polish semester course in Krakow, in a friendly, cozy atmosphere. During the classes you will use a professionally prepared textbook (which can be purchased in our office) and supplementary materials prepared by the teacher. Moreover, small groups (up to 7 people) will enable you to learn effectively. We also kindly invite you to try our individually arranged lessons and intensive group courses.

Semester Polish course Krakow

If you live and work or study in Krakow, it’s a great idea to learn the basics of communication during the semester Polish course in Krakow. The city is bustling, lively and cosmopolitan but you can only dive deep into its atmosphere and get to know the cultural context when you understand Polish. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with Polish people, which is very welcome and appreciated in our country. Of course, if you stay in Poland, you are constantly getting the opportunities to hear, read and speak, so you may think the language acquisition comes naturally. But without a proper background and theoretical framework, it will take too much time.

Grammar needs to be the tool you use for building correct sentences. The semester Polish course in Krakow is the first step to reach proficiency and fluency in a new language. Our specialists provide quick and effective learning techniques. If you want to become a polyglot, are interested in linguistics or just fascinated with Slavic culture, our course will be a great point to start with! Learning Polish can be an exciting challenge, certainly worth its effort.